20140808-_DSC4646Photography allows for self-reflection. It provides the opportunity to slow down, decompress, and appreciate the environment. Framing a photograph forces one to view the world from new perspectives; to see angles and objects, depth and color, in manners previously unappreciated. Everyday scenes, perhaps once thought banal and boring, can transmute towards interest and intrigue. The everyday becomes extraordinary.

This site exists as an avenue to display my work and to provide an streamlined route for friends and family to order high-quality professional-grade prints. Everything is sold at cost; no profit is derived for myself by their sale. Why? Because I believe art is meant to be shared, and the satisfaction of bringing joy to others is payment enough. Orders are processed through Shoot Proof and produced by Bay Photo in Scotts Valley, CA.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact me by email at questions@aaronbhicks.com.